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DeKalb County man says scammers stole $500 from him in credit union spoofing

Credit union scam 

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A warning for any of you who use a local credit union.

Georgia United Credit Union said scammers are targeting members and their money.

One victim said someone called last week and acted like he was trying to protect him from a suspicious purchase.

The caller asked the man to verify his pin, which he did.

"I'm telling my wife, ‘Oh man this guy saved me all this money.’ Wake up the next day look at my account, $500 gone,” said customer Larry Brown.

A day before, the credit union had emailed all members that someone is spoofing, meaning impersonating bank staff, and requesting personal account information.

Brown gave up his pin, but the spoofer knew everything else already.


“This guy had my name, everything.  how did he get my information,” Brown said.

The credit union refunded the victim's account and they say several members are being targeted.

The credit union said if any member gets a call about a transaction, hang up and call the number back you see on your statement.

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