Decatur votes to let grocery stores sell liquor downtown

DECATUR, Ga. — Currently, there are no liquor stores in the city limits of Decatur. That’s about to change.

Monday night, the Decatur City Commission voted unanimously to allow grocery stores and markets in the downtown commercial district to sell booze.

“People should be able to buy what they want to buy,” said Decatur resident Dylan Moore.


“As long as it’s responsible,” said Allen Kowalczyk, who works downtown.

Lyn Menne, Decatur’s assistant city manager for community and economic development, stood before the commission and presented the proposed amendment to Decatur’s Alcohol Beverages Ordinance.

After it passed, Menne told Channel 2's Rikki Klaus, "The fact that we don't have liquor stores within our city limits is certainly something that we want to look at."

She said the city is in negotiations with a high-end market.

“We are working right now with a market that wants to come into the downtown area and would like to be able to sell a small amount [of liquor],” said Menne.

“I think it’s good for business,” said Kowalczyk.

Menne says the only existing grocery store that fits new requirements for selling liquor is a Kroger.

Not everyone agrees with the new plan. Klaus spoke with a woman in the Decatur square who did not want to be on camera. She was against the idea, saying she doesn’t want the sale of groceries to mingle with hard liquor.