DeKalb County

Cockroaches in kitchen cause DeKalb middle school to fail health inspection

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — UPDATE: The kitchen received a 99 on its re-inspection.


The kitchen that prepares food for students at a DeKalb County school has failed a health inspection.

Bethune Middle School on Covington Highway got a score of 60 on Tuesday.

Violations included live roach activity in the kitchen and the kitchen staff’s restroom, dead cockroaches behind the serve line and food not being held hot enough.

Channel 2's Carol Sbarge checks school kitchen health scores regularly and it is very rare for schools to fail. In fact, Bethune Middle School got a 92 and a 95 on health inspections last year.


We were not able to go into the kitchen but we did get a statement from the DeKalb County School District. It reads in part, “The health and safety of students is paramount to the district’s mission of providing a quality education, and as such, corrective action was put in motion immediately.”

DeKalb schools also said its nutritional service department is in constant contact with the health department to make sure an exemplary cafeteria environment is restored.

We’ll keep you updated when the school is reinspected this month.