DeKalb County

Innocent bystander killed in shootout at gas station, police say

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Officers said they have arrested two people who allegedly fired shots at each other across Central Drive in Stone Mountain, killing a man who was caught in the cross fire.

Police told Channel 2's Sophia Choi that one of those suspects was also shot in the exchange.

Choi said she found police all over the intersection when she first arrived at the corner of North Hairston Road and Central Drive.

Police said two men shot at each other from separate gas stations. A bullet hit an innocent man, killing him.

"That could be any of us. That’s somebody’s son, nephew, cousin, so it’s really sad,” Brandi Pitt, who lives nearby, told Choi.


Police said one of the suspects suffered minor injuries from a gunshot wound. He’s now recovering.

The other shooter had gotten away, but police confirmed late Wednesday night the man had been taken into custody.

“One of the guys got hit in the back and ran down that way and I’m not sure what took place after that,” witness Tyrone Lewis said.

Neighbors told Choi they're tired of the shootings in the area.

“There's constantly gunfire at night. They have little detectors and police can easily identify it, but nothing's been done about it,” Pitt said.

Neighbors said shootings such as this one are far too frequent in the area and they want more police patrolling.

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