DeKalb County

'90s film and TV actress among dozens arrested for street racing, stunts

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — More dangerous street stunts shut down an intersection in DeKalb County on Saturday.

Someone posted video on Facebook of drivers doing donuts at the intersection of Evans Mill Road near Interstate 20. Smoke rose from the burning rubber as the cars circled in a drifting pattern through the intersection.

Investigators said one of the drivers was later arrested in a massive roundup of racers in Atlanta.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan talked to police, who impounded 29 cars and arrested 44 people this weekend, including film and TV actress Maia Campbell. Campbell started in the sitcom “In the House” in the ’90s.

“The danger this poses to motorists and pedestrians alike is extraordinary,” Carlos Campos with Atlanta police said. “Quite frankly, it’s a miracle that no one has been seriously hurt. If you watch some of the videos of the behavior they engage in, it’s incredibly disturbing.”


Regan talked to convenience store clerk Julia Matt, who said about half a dozen high powered cars took over what is usually a busy intersection in Lithonia.

“They just shut down the intersection right here doing circles and donuts. It was pretty crazy,” Matt said. “It’s really dangerous because you have a lot of old people who live in the area that comes to the store a lot. That’s dangerous for them.”

DeKalb police posted the video of the stunt on their Facebook page. They have arrest warrants for several drivers including Kimani Smith. They said Smith, who is from Detroit, posted video of the gathering on his Instagram page. He was later arrested in Atlanta.

Police said the decline in traffic during the pandemic has encouraged the dangerous street stunts that participants boast about on social media.

“They weren’t thinking about other people that live in this area,” Matt said.

Police said once Smith is released from the jail in Atlanta, he will be charged with reckless driving in DeKalb County.