DeKalb County

2 police officers among those taken to hospital after 5-car wreck

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A crash involving a police car Friday night shut down a highway in DeKalb County.

The five-car accident happened near Covington Highway and Young Road in Stone Mountain.

Police said a DeKalb County police vehicle with two officers inside had its lights and siren on and was on the way to a call when the car was involved in the accident.

Both officers and several other people in other cars were taken to hospitals. None of their conditions have been released.

News Chopper 2 was over the scene around 6:15 p.m. The road has since reopened.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden was in DeKalb County, where multiple witnesses said the crash happened while police were chasing another vehicle.

Machiavelli Amaya saw the crash happen and heard metal twisting and people screaming.

"A cop tried to get around another car and onto oncoming traffic and hits another oncoming car head-on," Amaya said.


"It was insane!" witness Kasseem Stevens said. "The next thing I heard, 'boom!' A huge crash. Sounded like thunder."

DeKalb County police would  not go on camera and address the details of the crash, but did confirm that it sent multiple people to the hospital.

Seiden reached out to police to try to learn the identities of those involved in the crash, but police said the investigation is ongoing and have not released any more information.

"I'm still shook up," Stevens said. "That was terrifying! I've never seen an accident that horrible."

The witnesses told Seiden they think officers may have been chasing after suspects in a stolen vehicle, but police have not confirmed that.