DeKalb County Schools ask parents to weigh in on make up day plan

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Local school districts are working to figure out how to make up the three snow days last week.

Channel 2's Liz Artz reached out to several districts around the metro area.

The Fulton County School District said it has not come up with a plan yet. A Cobb County school spokesman said Cobb County goes beyond the required number of days in a year so it'll forgive the snow days. Gwinnett County students participated in digital learning days. The required work was done on-line.

In DeKalb County, Superintendent Dr. R. Stephen Green is taking back two teacher work days and the third day he said he's going to put out in a survey and let parents be part of the decision.

Dr. Green announced his plan on Monday. He told Artz he will take back the workdays on Feb.16 and March 9. Feb. 16 is a Friday surrounding a four-day weekend.

"We worked with our teacher organization and a number (of) PTAs to come up with the general survey on which option is best to pull together and make a decision from there," Green said.


He said likely it will be an extended school day again for a month or possibly online makeup work.

Amy Mason has two boys in DeKalb County Schools. She told Artz with two full-time working parents, snow days are difficult.

“One day is OK. Two days are hard, three days are extremely stressful," she said. “Our family already has plans  for one of those February days. Qe've chosen to take the kids and have fun."

Mason said her boys will now miss that day.

“DeKalb County has got to come up with online learning solution for snow days, and sick days when they happen. They need to come up with a more permanent solution, like on line learning," Mason said.