DeKalb County lays out reopening plan once shelter in place ends

DeKalb County — DeKalb County plans to slowly reopen once Georgia’s shelter in place order ends,

DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond signed an executive order Thursday that begins May 1 and lasts the entire month. It address how people and businesses can transition toward safely reopening.

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“Even as we flatten the curve, we cannot become overly comfortable and walk away from strategies that have worked so far,” Thurmond said in a statement.

He told Channel 2′s Sophia Choi on Wednesday he wants people to be cautious.

“Sophia, I pray. I literally prayed that the governor is doing the right thing. But as a leader, I have to prepare for the worst case scenario,” Thurmond said.

The order urges people to wear cloth face coverings at all times in public and urges people over 65 years old to remain home.

The order builds on the 20 mandates set by Gov. Brian Kemp to reopen with additional steps.

  • Workers are required to report when a member of their household is ill and they should remain home
  • It asks employers to consider additional front-line pay and expanded leave policies
  • Encourages patrons of open businesses to wear cloth face covers
  • Asks employers to obtain adequate personal protective equipment without interfering with the supply for health care workers
  • Asks employers to enhance their sanitation practices, including frequent daily cleaning.

The order also encourages house of worship to continue remote and physically distant services.

Thurmond said the extended order ends on May 31 at 11:59 p.m.

DeKalb County is expected to receive $132.5 million in federal relief funds as part of the CARES program.

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