• Daughter's death sparked GM ignition recall; Parents suing again

    By: Jim Strickland


    COBB COUNTY, Ga - The parents of a Paulding County nurse whose death in a Chevrolet Cobalt sparked the GM ignition recall, are once again suing the automaker.

    Ken and Beth Melton say General Motors covered up key facts in their daughter's case.

    The Meltons have decided they don't want GM settlement money paid after the death of 29-year-old Brooke Melton.  They'd rather have all the facts revealed in court.

    "We want justice. We want justice for Brooke. She deserves it,” said Brooke Melton's mother Beth Milton.

    "They were lied to," said attorney Lance Cooper, whose investigation led to the recall and questions about when GM knew there was a problem with the ignition switch.

    "If the Meltons knew that GM's lead design engineer for the ignition switch had repeatedly perjured himself, and that GM was covering up this perjury, they never would have settled their case," Cooper said.

    A GM engineer testified in a deposition he had never seen a work order to fix the defect.  A document from congressional investigators shows the engineer's signature approving the change.

    "This refiled case is the best opportunity to discover the whole truth about GM's decision to secretly redesign the ignition switch," Cooper said.

    In refusing to take back the settlement and go to trial, a GM attorney wrote:

    "As an initial matter, General Motors LLC ("GM") denies the assertion that GM fraudulently concealed relevant and critical facts in connection with the Melton matter.  And GM denies it engaged in any improper behavior in that action."

    When asked for further comment, a GM spokesman says the letter stands.

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