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Want to live on the set of ‘The Walking Dead?’ Homes from ‘Alexandria’ to hit the market soon

SENOIA, Ga. — It’s the end of an era for a small Georgia town.

Next month, the popular show The Walking Dead will wrap filming of its final season in the town of Senoia.

“I’m ok with that because there will be something called residual tourism,” said Sally Toole, who leads tours of the Walking Dead sets.

Over the years, The Walking Dead helped keep the economy of Senoia -- very much alive -- with tourists from around the world coming here to see the sets.

Even after the show ends, the town’s mayor believes they’ll keep coming.

“The tourism part of that, that may slow down a little bit but I believe we’re still going to have a lot of the residual effects from that,” said Senoia mayor Dub Pearman.


He says he not sure of the exact amount of money the tourists and the film crews bring to his town, but he does know it’s substantial.

“The dollars, the economic multipliers they bring in as far as the crews come and eat at our restaurants,” said Pearman. “So it’s been an economic injector for the community.”

He also believes filming will continue on other productions at the studio just outside of town, but it will always be the zombies of The Walking Dead that put this town on the map.

“They’ve become neighbors to us,” said Pearman. “We hope that Senoia has been a gracious host to them.”

After filming wraps, ten homes built as sets for the show will be put up for sale.

The developer of the neighborhood, said the homes will give fans of the show a special opportunity.

“If you want to live in Norman’s house, or Daryl or Rick’s house,” said developer Scott Tigchelaar. “They all lived in some of these houses at some point in the show, so take your pick!”

He says the homes should be on the market by early summer, with prices starting in the 700′s. For more information, click here.


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