One year later, scars from Newnan tornado still run deep

NEWNAN, Ga. — When Mark and Robyn Toole take their tiny daughter Kaylee for a walk, what they see still hurts.

“We have lots of people here we knew. So many people on our street are just gone,” Mark Toole said.

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They live on Timberlake Trail in Newnan. What happened there one year ago will stay with them forever.

“She had been sleeping, and we stood in the hallway for a few minutes debating whether to wake her. She was not quite 6 months old and was in that period where you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby if you don’t have to,” Robyn Toole said.

But they did have to.


A tornado tore their home, and many of the others on the block, to pieces.

The Tooles were not hurt — this was a miracle.

Lots of time may have passed, but some places around town look a lot like the day after the storm.

Mark and Robyn’s house has been rebuilt. Others are being rebuilt. Some will never be rebuilt.

The Tooles say they’ll always miss their neighbors who moved away.

“But the few still here, I do feel closer to. It’s like becoming a family with a shared disaster,” Mark Toole said.