Couple hurt in parade crash return to metro Atlanta

ATLANTA — The Holly Springs police officer and his wife who were injured in a Texas parade train accident returned to metro Atlanta Monday night.

Shane and Meg Ladner took off in an air ambulance from Midland, Texas at 4 p.m. Monday. Meg Ladner was then transported to Atlanta Medical Center.

Holly Springs police officials said their colleague, Shane, has remained strong since Thursday's horrific train collision.

"You can tell he's a military veteran because he's handled this so well," said Holly Springs police Capt. Mike Carswell.

Shane and Meg Ladner were among 17 people hurt Thursday when a train struck their float during a parade for veterans. Four U.S. military veterans were killed.

"It's been very traumatic for him," said Carswell.

Channel 2's Craig Lucie spoke with the Ladners' best friend, Susan Greene, about the accident.

"He lifted her and pushed her off the float just before the impact of the train hit the float," Greene explained.

Shane Ladner is recovering from two bulging disks in his back following the collision, and his wife's injuries are much worse.

"Meg sustained major trauma. Her leg had to be amputated and her pelvis is crushed," said Greene.

Greene told Lucie that Meg Ladner is being taken to Atlanta Medical Center because that's where they have some of the best pelvic injury specialists.

Shane Ladner told Greene late Sunday that out of all the calls he’s ever been on in the military, this accident is the worst.

“He just kept saying to me over and over, ‘I tried to save her. ‘I tried to save her.’ And I told him, ‘Shane, you did save her, you got her off that float and she is alive,” Greene said. “She’s his beloved, and he told me yesterday, ‘This is my post, and this is the most important post I’ve ever had in my life. I won’t be leaving it anytime soon, not until she leaves the hospital with me.’”

They don’t know how long Meg Ladner will remain at Atlanta Medical Center, but when she is released, they will have to make modifications to her home or move because of her leg injury.

Either way, Greene said she can’t wait to see her friend Meg.

“When they will let me I will climb up in that hospital bed with her and will her to get better,” Greene said.

The community has set up a Ladner Benefit Fund. If you’d like to donate, you can do it in person or by mail at Cherokee Bank in Canton or Woodstock. The bank’s phone number is 770-479-3400. Checks can be made out to the Ladner Benefit Fund.