• Vets seeing more dogs bitten by Copperheads

    By: Craig Lucie


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Veterinarians say that they are seeing more dogs bitten by Copperheads than they usually do this time of year.

    Some people may believe that the snakes are starting to hibernate, but vets and dog owners say that is not the case.

    Channel 2’s Craig Lucie spoke to a man whose dog was recently bitten while out on a walk.

    “She squatted down and must have been going for 20-30 seconds before she jumped, yelped and popped up, holding her rear leg up,” Vince Middleton said.

    Middleton said that this is the second time his dog, Lil’ Bit, has had a run-in with a Copperhead.

    “She’s been bitten in the leg over here in the ivy once before, so we rushed her over to GVS, and they said they have been getting a lot of Copperhead bites,” he said.


    Dr. Greg Jenkins at Veterinary Center of Buckhead said they have seen more patients with Copperhead bites recently.

    “This year has been pretty active,” he said. “Usually, they quit late September, but (we’re) still seeing them. Last three weeks, we have seen two to three (bites).”

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    Jenkins said Copperhead bites can be dangerous.

    “If they get bitten on the muzzle, it’s severe. They can get swelling and obstruction of airway. Extremity can cause tissue damage,” he said.

    Jenkins said he has seen cases as late as December.

    He said that it is important to keep your dogs on the pavement since Copperheads are not hibernating yet. 

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