Cobb County

Dogs attack several people in Cobb County neighborhood; 2 taken to hospital

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A Cobb County man says he had to pull at least five dogs off his mother after they attacked the 82-year-old woman, leaving her with serious injuries.

It was just one of several attacks by the same dogs Wednesday in the Cobb County neighborhood off Windy Hill Road.

On Thursday, Channel 2's Cobb County Bureau Chief Chris Jose went to the neighborhood along Beverly Lane and spoke one-on-one with the son, who said he watched in horror as the dogs attacked his mother, Alice Johnson, right on the doorstep of her own home.

Raymond Patton gave Jose several pictures of his mother showing bite marks on her face and ears, as well as a gash on her head from the attack.

“She’s got more stitches and staples in her then I can even count. I can’t take it,” Patton said.

The son said five pit bulls attacked Johnson at her doorstep.


The woman across the street admitted to Jose that she owns the dogs.

“Are those your dogs?” Jose asked the woman, who did not identify herself.

“Can you get away from my house please?” she answered at first.

Jose asked her again if the dogs were hers.

“Yes, they were my dogs,” the woman said. “And my dogs are gone and they’re about to be dead. I’m so sorry about what happened. They’re gone. I’m sorry. I can’t do nothing about it.”

Patton walked Jose through the moment the dogs got loose on Wednesday and charged toward him.

“Out of the corner of my eye I seen and heard the dogs,” Patton said.

He told Jose that he fell through the doorway and called 911. Then his mother stepped outside.

“God was with me. Because somehow, I got that door open, got her. Kicking dogs. That’s my mom’s blood on my boots,” Patton said.

After he saved his mother, Cobb County police say the dogs attacked four other people, including a woman inside the house where the dogs lived.

An officer fired his gun and pulled the victim out.

Police say they shot two dogs. One died, the other is expected to survive. Cobb County Animal Services has captured the other pit bulls.

Johnson is recovering from her injuries at a nearby hospital.