• Senator Isakson met with boos throughout town hall

    By: Richard Elliot


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A town hall meeting with Senator Johnny Isakson saw some raucous moments on Monday night at Kennesaw State University in Cobb County.

    There have been a lot of voters frustrated over some lawmakers' decision not to have public town hall meetings.

    Isakson had some health issues this year that prevented him from holding some meetings, but on Monday night he showed up to hear what people had to say and he heard a lot.

    At times, Isakson's town hall meeting got outright rowdy. At times, the crowd drowned him out with boos.

    When the senator said "all lives matter," he was met with a loud chorus of boos. 


    But Georgia's senior senator listened to it all only showing irritation a couple of times when people shouted questions and comments out of turn.

    With the skills of a veteran politician, he listened and tried to answer questions on North Korea, climate change, the violence in Charlottesville and mostly on health care.

    Sen. Isakson met with boos throughout town hall
    “Take the federal money and get us out of this death spiral for our poor,” someone in the crowd shouted, which drew cheers.

    After it was over, we got a chance to talk with the senator who says this will be his last term in office.

    He declined to criticize President Trump's response to Charlottesville but he made his stance on it known.

    "Nothing rises to the nausea that it causes in me more than antisemitism, racism, organizations like the Klan, white supremacists or any others, Nazis, who would take a human life based on the color of skin or religious belief or anything like that," Isakson told the crowd.

    Isakson's colleague, Sen. David Perdue, has declined to hold these kinds of town hall meetings but Isakson had some advice for him and other senators.

    "I hope all 99 of my colleagues will jump in.  The water's fine," he said.

    Isakson says he does support Perdue's legislation to limit immigration into this country but he favors adding an amendment that would tie that number to the unemployment rate.

    The lower the rate, the more immigrants the country would let in.

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