Cobb County

Security tight at Cobb County high school after student found with gun

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — School administrators at a Cobb County high school are alerting parents they found a gun on campus earlier Wednesday.

Channel 2's Ross Cavitt started receiving messages about the activity around Pebblebrook High earlier in the day.

For every parent who had not heard of the drama inside Pebblebrook, others had heard -- either by text or tweet -- more dire reports of what happened.

"I'm very concerned. You know it’s kind of scary also because if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known. It’s kind of sad," parent Shonta Dorsey told Cavitt.

By late in the afternoon, school officials had crafted a letter to parents, confirming a student had been found on campus with a weapon, that student was in custody and school operations resumed as normal.

"I was in the library. I had to stay in there for two hours, they put the school on lockdown," parent Alex Piercy said.

Students say administrators blamed a technical problem for keeping students from moving to their next class, but most learned through the grapevine what had happened.

Grandparent Carolyn Turner had noticed all the law enforcement officers.

"Police coming back and forth this morning on my way to bring her to school around 10 o’clock because she has a late class. I saw quite a few police cars," Turner told Cavitt.

Cobb police spent much of the day cruising the neighborhood looking for a possible second suspect. Some parents arriving to pick up their kids saw all the police, and us, and were upset.

"I'lI tell my son bullets don't have a name -- they fly every which way. So if I would have knew that there's a possibility I may have come gotten him earlier and checked into it," Dorsey said.

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