Cobb County

Report details complaints by teachers, staff that sparked accreditation review of Cobb Schools

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has obtained a copy of a report detailing the complaints that sparked a special review into the Cobb County School District.

Cognia, which is the district’s accreditation agency, will start its four day investigation in August.

The report includes a section called “essential emerging themes from complaints” focused on “selected board members.”

The report said selected board members:

⦁ Exhibited a lack of understanding regarding their roles and responsibilities as members of the board.

⦁ Did not demonstrate collegiality with respect to their differences or work cohesively to promote student achievement and the success of the district.

⦁ Did not adhere to a code of ethics regarding board conduct during board meetings.

⦁ Did not adhere to ethical practices for fiscal oversight.

⦁ Made decisions that seem unethical, discriminatory, or inhumane.

⦁ Did not communicate transparently to staff and community stakeholders on issues of current importance and related decisions. For example, the Board had not been responsive to requests for discussion on items related to teacher and staff support and safety improvements during the pandemic.

For the first time, Channel 2 Cobb County Bureau Chief Chris Jose learned teachers also filed complaints.

One teacher wrote: “Superintendent’s leadership choices have jeopardized the trust, safety and well-being of everyone who works for CCSD. I believe he is being dishonest with the public and CCSD Employees.”


The spouse of a Cobb educator highlighted:

⦁ Cobb County School Board was making choices that seemed unethical, racist, and inhumane. Board meeting videos directly from the Cobb County Schools’ website provided evidence for the disregard for human decency.

⦁ RACIAL: Randy Scamihorn, a white male board member, had called Dr. Jaha Howard, a Black board member, “Boy” in a derogatory tone on multiple occasions during live board meetings broadcast to the public.

⦁ COVID: The public was told that teachers and all school employees had proper PPE, cleaning supplies, and were following CDC guidelines — but these were lies. School district employees had not been given CDC-approved masks or cleaning supplies, and were not afforded even the most basic protections.

⦁ FINANCE: The Cobb School Board was linked to shady dealings with David Allen and millions of dollars had been spent on questionable things for the district without the consent or approval of taxpayers, or the three board members of color.

Under the report’s “essential information,” the agency includes Jose’s investigative stories about the millions of dollars spent on malfunctioning UV lights meant to kill the coronavirus.

It also has links to Jose’s stories on the district’s questionable business dealings with a Kennesaw businessman and a cyber attack that triggered a Code Red lockdown.

The district said it has logged 600 hours over the last 60 days to prepare for the special review that begins August 15.

The district added it believes that transparency in the review process is important and an update to the public will come when new information comes out in August.