Cobb County

Police search for robber who followed man home, stole $50K watch, led officers on chase

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — A Powder Springs resident told Channel 2 Action News he believes thieves saw him wearing expensive jewelry at an Atlanta restaurant Thursday night, then followed him home, with one bursting through the front door of his townhome.

“The crowbar didn’t work. That’s when he started kicking it. Once I got to the front door, he’s already in the house with a gun to my head. There’s not much I can really do,” the homeowner said, asking not to be identified.

He told Channel 2′s Tom Regan the armed robber demanded money and his luxury Audemars Piguet watch.

“He got away with a $50,000 watch. I thought about trying to fight him and taking a chance trying to grab the gun. But I’m not going to do that,” the homeowner said.

The robber fired a shot into the garage door as he ran off.


A license plate-reading camera in the neighborhood captured his tag and sent out an alert. Cobb County Police chased the car on the East-West Connector.

When it stopped briefly, a woman jumped out and was arrested following a foot chase.

The robber then drove into Atlanta, “where he ditched the car behind an apartment complex and fled on foot,” Powder Springs Police Capt. J.W. Holcombe said.

In Atlanta and cities across the country, police report a surge in “follow home” robberies. The Powder Springs homeowner believes he is one of them.

“Honestly, they probably had seen me at the restaurant with my jewelry on and followed me home. That’s the only thing I can think of,” the homeowner said.

Neighbors called the crime alarming.

“It’s scary, very scary. Disturbing. When you have just moved into a community, you hope it’s safe,” neighbor Simbe Okeloweo said.