Marietta councilman bonds out of jail over obstruction charges

Reggie Copeland is charged with obstruction/hindering law enforcement.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A Marietta city councilman is facing charges of obstruction/hindering law enforcement.

Councilman Reggie Copeland turned himself in to the Cobb County Jail Wednesday evening after Marietta police issued a warrant for his arrest earlier in the day on charges of obstruction/hindering law enforcement.

He bonded out a short time later.

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He faces charges related to a car wreck he was involved in last Friday. A warrant said Copeland refused to cooperate with the responding officer.

Councilman Andy Morris told Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman that he's had dealings with Copeland in the past.

“It’s just kind of been an ongoing situation where it seems like everything is about him and it’s just kind of a bad black eye for the city of Marietta,” Morris said.

A witness gave Hyman a photo of the crash.

"First, I tried to be apologetic and explain what I was trying to do how I was trying to make the uturn and I didn't see him but he did end up calling the police," she said.

It happened on Fairground Road near Haley Street.

She said police asked Copeland several times to pull off to the side and according to the warrant, Copeland refused to give his licence to police and get out of the car.

"I'm not sure if there was any reason why he was staying in his vehicle but I know," she said.

It took human action to get him out. They also say he resisted arrest even though several witnesses told Hyman he was put in handcuffs but then released.

Hyman reached out to several city officials including the mayor and city manger.

"It's not unexpected for me because ive had dealings with him in the past," said Councilman Andy Morris said.

Morris said this is not the first public controversy involving Copeland.

"It's just kind of been an on going situation where it seems like everything is about him and it's just kind of a bad black eye for the city fo Marietta," Morris said.

The young lady from the other car told Hyman she was cited for an improper turn.

The actual charges Copeland faces are obstruction/ or hindering law enfrocement

Police confirmed there is body camera video but it is not being released at this time.