Cobb County

Grocery store shelves cleared as metro Atlanta prepares for Irma

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — People packed a Cobb County Costco to buy food and supplies ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt went to the store in Kennesaw and learned many of the people buying supplies were either from Florida or preparing to host people from Florida.

One shopper said all the bottled water was gone.

"They are all out of bottled water. All that's left is the flavored stuff," Bob McGowan said.

McGowan said he got some of the last bread from the store for his family on their way from Florida.

"They said the interstates are jammed full, but they can get on 41 with no problem. His app said it was running good," he said.

Channel 2 viewers reported shelves cleared of water and bread across metro Atlanta.

Meanwhile, at Cobb Emergency Management, officials said they are watching the forecast and the extra people are adding to concern.


"Our hotels are full. It puts additional strain on traffic flow and public safety, you know, what are the needs of those folks if there's any kind of minor accidents taking people from the normal calls to handle that traffic flow," said Cobb County EMA Director Cassie Mazloom.

She said the county has identified shelter sites, if needed, and has posted hurricane preparedness information on the county's website.

There have been no gas shortages reported, but that didn't stop people from heading to the pump to fill up.

"I stayed in line for gas, but I think they're kind of panicky because you couldn't turn off the road into the main line here, so I think they're panicking," Gherin Easterling said.

Easterling is a California transplant who survived an earthquake. She said she believes she's prepared for Irma, but wonders if others are.

"They get a little nasty and blowing horns and it gets really interesting for me. This is a first," she said.

Severe Weather Team 2's team of five meteorologists will be working non-stop throughout the next few days as Hurricane Irma gets closer to Georgia. Stay tuned to Channel 2 Action News and check back with as we continue to track the storm's progress and the impact it will have on Georgia.