Cobb County

Girlfriend, 2 teens charged with murder of young father in Cobb County

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police have arrested three people in the death of a Cobb County father, including the victim’s girlfriend and mother of his children.

Channel 2's Chris Jose met with Yainerys Gil exactly three weeks ago. Through her tears, she had this message for the killer:

"I hope you know the damage you’ve caused. And we’ll find you. Justice for George, for the kids," Gil said.

Today, Gil, Christopher Gutizerrez and Zackary Franks were charged in the murder of 24-year-old George Vela.

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Gil previously told Jose someone gunned down her boyfriend right in front of her after their family returned home from seeing "The Lion King" in Mableton.

Jose spoke to Vela’s brother about the stunning changes.

“I really do hope you understand what you’ve done to our family and your children,” Robert Smith said. “When you sit there every day in jail, that you think about this, what you’ve lost, what you’ve cost your family and our family.”

Cobb police say Gil, Gutizerrez and Franks are all tied to the July shooting death of Vela.

Gil had previously told Channel 2 Action News that she dodged bullets.

“From my peripheral vision, I see the car leaving. And then it’s just shot after shot after shot,” Gil said in July.


Earlier that night, Gil said the couple took their kids to watch the new “Lion King” movie. They came home and noticed piles of designer wear missing, items that Vela sells online.

Gil said her boyfriend approached a car outside their home on Hickory Trail because he thought it was the burglar who stole from them.

“And he just falls,” Gil said. “So I just held him, and I already knew. “

According to an arrest warrant released  Wednesday, Gil “did conspire with the co-defendants to have the victim killed” and gave them Vela’s location “throughout the day and night.”

“They have a special place for them in hell,” Smith said. “God will the only one to judge them after everything from here.”

Jose reached out to police about a motive, but they're not ready to talk about it yet, nor are they confirming who actually pulled the trigger.

Three sources with direct knowledge about the investigation told Jose this may be a love triangle.

We talked to Franks’ grandmother, who said she was sorry for the Vela family’s loss.