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GA sheriff wanted for groping woman has troubled history, investigation finds

BLECKLEY COUNTY, Ga. — A sheriff known to put criminals in jail is a wanted man, accused of groping a woman at a Georgia sheriffs’ conference in Cobb County.

On top of the warrant out for the sheriff’s arrest, Channel 2′s Chris Jose obtained records that show he has a troubled past.

POST records show Bleckley County Sheriff Kris Coody was put on probation in 2009.

Jose went to Bleckley County on Thursday to ask questions about his alleged sex crime. Multiple sources told him the victim is a prominent former judge.

“So he really has some kahunas. He got to go,” said Sadie Mims, who lives in the area.

According to an arrest warrant, Coody “placed his hand on the breast of the victim without her consent.”

Cobb police say it happened at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Bar on Jan. 18.

Jose went to the Bleckley County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday to get some answers. The sheriff’s second in command came out and read a statement.

Maj. Daniel Cape with the sheriff’s office said Coody is on a mission trip out of state.


“Will he turn himself in?” Jose asked Cape.

“Like I said, whatever this statement says, I cannot comment further than what this statement says,” Cape said.

“Are you aware the victim is a prominent former judge?” Jose asked Cape.

“Sir, the statement I’m releasing is all I comment on at this time,” Cape said.

This isn’t the first time Coody has faced trouble. In 2009, POST recommended 24 months of probation and anger management for improper conduct.

More than a decade later, the alleged groping last month happened at the Georgia Sheriff’s Association winter conference.

“The reported incident occurred after hours during the time of a scheduled annual training,” the executive director said in a statement.

“I just think he needs to be treated like every other citizen for breaking the law. Period,” said Kimberly Davis, who lives in Bleckley County.

The warrant shows former DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown witnessed the alleged sex crime. He returned Jose’s calls but didn’t want to comment outside of court proceedings.

In more of the statement from Cape, he said, “The sheriff is taking these allegations seriously and will meet with the appropriate authorities as soon as he returns from the mission trip.”

Here is the full statement from the Bleckley County Sheriff’s Office:

“The Bleckley County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the outstanding warrant regarding Sheriff Coody. Sheriff Coody is currently participating in a church sponsored mission trip outside of the State of Georgia that has been scheduled for nearly a year.

“Sheriff Coody has been a law enforcement officer for more than two decades and has tremendous respect for our court system. He is taking these allegations seriously and will meet with the appropriate authorities as soon as he returns.

“The Bleckley County Sheriff’s Office has always and will continue to believe in complete transparency. However, we will not comment any further on these pending criminal charges to allow the investigation to continue without interference.

“Sheriff Coody will provide more information at a later date as he is able to do so. We appreciate your questions and your concern and understand your requests for information. Thank you for your support and patience.”


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