Cobb County

Drivers say stretch of Cobb Co. road is too dangerous; 100s of crashes reported

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Drivers are demanding change along a busy stretch of road in Cobb County where there have been hundreds of crashes.

Drivers said they're worried it's only going to get worse unless something is done.

We first told you about this stretch of Powder Springs Street a year ago, and we decided to come back after we noticed even more wrecks.

We wanted to show you what’s causing a lot of the problems -- People are trying to make a left-hand turn across five lanes of traffic.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely a mess,” said Christian North. “Trucks and cars kind of going too fast on this road.”

We snapped a picture of a crash here just last month.  Then, just a few weeks later we took the picture of another wreck.


“I’ve been over here for eight years and there’s accidents here on a regular basis,” said driver Jasmine Seven.

According to numbers given to us by the Georgia Department of Transportation, we counted 228 accidents here since 2015.

“I believe it, 100 percent.  I really believe it,” North said.

A GDOT spokesperson points out, the number of accidents declined slightly over the past two years, but drivers tell us nothing has been done to make this stretch of road safer since our original story.

“It would be great for it to get fixed soon,” Seven said.

Some drivers believe a median on Powder Springs would prevent drivers from making left turns across traffic. From what GDOT has told us, so far, it’s still unclear whether any changes are in the works.