Driver shot at busy Cobb County intersection

VININGS, Ga. — Cobb County police are searching for the driver who shot another driver in Vinings Thursday morning.

Lakishia Lindsey says she was driving to work when the driver of a dark colored Saturn SUV cut her off on Cumberland Parkway and began gesturing at her.

"We get to the light. He flicks me off, rolls down his window, he turns onto Paces Ferry Road," Lindsey said.

Lindsey says the driver of a white pickup truck started yelling at the reckless driver to stop. The reckless driver then turned his rage towards the driver of the white pickup truck.

"When he pulled onto Paces Ferry, he pulls out a gun and shoots the guy. I'm just like, I kind of owe that guy my life, because it could have been me," Lindsey said.

Witness Jean Phillipe Gibson saw the incident unfold. As the shooter fled the scene in his dark SUV with no license tags, Gibson jumped out to help the victim in the pickup truck.

"He just said it was unbelievable. He kept repeating it was unbelievable," Gibson said, "He was obviously in shock, because you don't expect to get shot on the side of the road."

The victim was shot in the hip and was taken to a local hospital.

Lindsey says she is working to locate the man and tell him thank you. She also hopes police catch the shooter before he strikes again.

"Very important, because who knows who else he could do this to, and then this time, you know, it was a minor situation where it looks like this guy will survive, but who knows what he'll do next," Lindsey said.

Drivers said the SUV was seen headed toward the city of Atlanta.