Dangerous drugs uncovered across street from local high school, police say

Investigators said the bag of meth is worth thousands of dollars.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Dangerous drugs, a bong and gas masks were uncovered across the street from a Cobb County high school.

Channel 2 Action News obtained exclusive dash camera video of the arrest of Joseph Tally. Investigators tell Cobb County bureau chief Chris Jose the arrest was made during a traffic stop near South Cobb High School.

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Drug busts are nothing new for officer Alex Hays and her K-9 partner, Hondo. In their six months as a team, Hays said they've made dozens of arrests including this big drug bust over the weekend.

Hays told Jose it started when she noticed the truck did not have a valid license plate.


The officer discovered Tally was currently on probation for drugs and asked to search his truck. He refused so Hays got a search warrant.

Dash camera video shows Hondo sniff out the pickup truck near the intersection of Austell and Clay Road.

Hays said inside they found a bag of drugs with a street value of $2,300. She also seized a bong made from a Coke bottle and a gas mask with a meth pipe connected to it.

"It’s killing people left and right. So taking that off the street is our main concern," Hays said.

Records show Tally lives in an Austell neighborhood. Jose knocked on his door to see if he lives with anyone but nobody answered. He noticed several toys outside his home.

His neighbor is shocked about the arrest.

"They’ve got two little kids here," he said.

Austell police got three new dogs last fall, including Hondo. Officers said the dogs can sniff for drugs, take down suspects and find missing people.