Cobb County

Barking dog leads police to a major drug-making operation in neighborhood, police say

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police say a man was making drugs in a neighborhood where kids play. Now they're looking for him.

A neighbor called 911 earlier this month because he was concerned about the dogs locked up in kennels in the Hickory Run Court neighborhood in Acworth.

“It could be 1 am and it sounds like there’s 20 dogs barking out of that garage,” said neighbor Thomas Heiman.

The garage was down but the barking could still be heard. When officers arrived, they said they found 20 dogs there.

Also, an alleged drug-making operation. Police said they found presses used to manufacture pills.

Neighbors said investigators wore safety masks when they seized piles of drugs and a stolen gun that belongs to the ATF.

“I came home. Saw some police cars, bunch of people outside of the house, for a couple of hours,” Heiman said.


Investigators said Shavon Goodrich trafficked more than 4 pounds of ecstasy, worth tens of thousands of dollars. They found the pills near the presses and seized heroin and weed.

Police also busted Samantha Myles for marijuana, but records show she isn’t charged for the trafficking the drugs.

Investigators are searching for a third person, Samora Myles. Neighbors told Channel 2 Action News they haven’t seen him since the police showed up.

“It kind of makes me feel like I’m in an unsafe neighborhood,” Heiman said.

Police said a neighbor and someone else who lives at the home are taking care of the dogs.

Goodrich is at the Cobb County jail with no bond.