Cobb County

'I'm going to f*** you up, bro': Video shows accused police impersonator near KSU

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — New video shows a man who police said impersonated a police officer, without his pants on, near Kennesaw State University.

In the video, Austin Stovall is seen and heard threatening officers at the jail last week. And then it got weirder.

Kennesaw police gave Channel 2 Action News body camera video that showed Stovall with a mesh bag over his head.

Police say they did it for their own protection.

He was smiling in his mugshot, but clearly agitated when officers questioned him at the Acworth City Jail.

“I am a police officer,” Stovall said in the video.

“Where?” an officer replied.

“DeKalb County, b****!,” Stovall said.

The department confirmed Stovall is not a real police officer.

“I swear, ask about me. We’re on the same side bro. We’re on the same side. That’s why I’m so mad,” Stovall is heard on the video. “I have passion in this. I live and die every day for this.”


Police said they were patrolling the West 22 apartments in Kennesaw on Saturday night. They found Stovall passed out in his car, with his pants off.

Police questioned him, asked him to step out and that got Stovall angry.

He never calmed down at the jail, either.

“I’m going to f*** you up bro. You’re scared. I know you are. I’m going to f*** you up,” Stovall said in the body cam video.

After the repeated threats, Stovall’s behavior changed.

In a strange twist, he expressed different feelings for the officers.

“I love you guys. I love you. I love you. I love you. And I mean it,” Stovall said.

Police say they smelled marijuana but the only drug they found was a bottle of testosterone, a steroid medication.

Officers also believe he was drunk.

Stovall remains in jail with no bond. A judge called him a risk