UPDATE: Cobb County Waffle House scores 90 on health re-inspection

Cobb County Waffle House scores a 66 on health inspection

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — UPDATE: The Waffle House was re-inspected and received a score of 90.


Waffle House is apologizing to its customers after a restaurant failed its health inspection. The restaurant is located in Mableton.

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Customers were surprised when Channel 2′s Carol Sbarge told them the score.

A score of 66 was not what customers expected at this Waffle House. The Veteran’s Memorial Highway location failed on Oct. 7.

“Typically Waffle House is very clean and very friendly. I didn’t know they failed a health inspection. I didn’t know that,” said customer Nicholas Wilkinson.

Violations included some food not held hot enough. The health inspector said the gravy had to be tossed. Other violations included grease and food debris in the drawer where clean utensils are stored and raw bacon stored above waffle mix.

Sbarge reached out to Waffle House corporate office to find out what is being done about the violations.

In an e-mail statement the company said:

“Our everyday goal is to provide a positive experience for all of our guests, and we are sorry to have disappointed our customers in this case. Our team did take appropriate, corrective action immediately during last week’s inspection for several of the identified issues.”

Waffle House also says their director of food safety and senior operations leadership are working directly with the restaurant team. A Cobb County inspector will re-inspect within 10 days of that failing inspection.

Sbarge said the restaurant previously scored a 90 the year before.

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