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Worker shot back at gunmen during floral shop shootout in Riverdale

RIVERDALE, Ga. — Workers at a popular Riverdale floral shop have started making repairs to the store after they say gunmen started a shootout at the business.

Bullets started flying at Riverdale’s Floral Boutique along Highway 85 around noon Thursday.

People who work in the store told Channel 2's Tom Jones that they will never forget the moment their delivery driver ran in saying someone was shooting at him.

“It was just like being in a movie,” worker David Sorrows said.

He told Jones that he was caught in the middle of the shootout inside the floral shop and could have been killed.

“I praise God I'm alive,” he told Jones.

Sorrows said just before noon, one of the shop’s delivery drivers came in screaming someone was shooting at him.


Then, all of a sudden, a gunman came in the shop, spraying bullets everywhere.

“It was very scary. There were six employees in the shop and he kept shooting at different places.

Sorrows showed Jones where he said a bullet grazed him as he ducked for cover.

“I said, ‘Patti, I think I have been shot,’” he told Jones.

Workers said the delivery driver grabbed his gun and fired back. But the gunman kept shooting.

Fellow worker Kevin Thompson said another one of his co-workers could have been hit.

“Ron had ducked behind the counter and he shot several times at him, because the bullets are on the counter still,” he told Jones.

As Jones walked around the crime scene Thursday, he saw one of the front windows of the floral shop shot out and an officer taking away what looked like a gun.

Investigators said they arrested two men.

“It started at this Texaco station,” Sorrows said, pointing to the gas station across the street.

Workers say two men confronted the delivery driver at the Texaco and then followed him back to the shop and started the shootout.

Sorrows told Jones he is thankful no customers were in the shop.

“I just had a family that walked out. I was waiting on floral arrangements for their baby they just lost,” Sorrows said.

He said people could have died if they were in the gunman's path.

“God just kept everybody away for a while,” Sorrows said.

Police have released little information about the shooting.

Jones said after questioning the delivery driver, police brought him back to the scene. They say he may have saved lives by firing back at the gunmen.

He had bandages on his arm but appeared to be OK.

Clayon County police announced late Thursday night they had charged Justin Daniels, 25, with six counts of aggravated assault.

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