CAPTURED: Suspect in triple shooting, violent Waffle House robbery now in custody

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A child is now without a mother after a cross-county manhunt. Her suspected killer is now in jail.

Police say Karl Jordan and the woman he allegedly killed were in a relationship at one point. They still are trying to figure out what triggered the gunfire.

Now a family is dealing with an unexpected loss.

Investigators said Jordan shot a grandmother, a mother and a 4-year-old child during a two-county spree that started in a Clayton County home around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Police said the mother of the 4-year-old died from her injuries.

After the grandmother heard a loud noise, officers told Channel 2′s Tom Jones that she ran in her home on Glynn Court and noticed her daughter was shot.

“She noticed that the 4-year-old was watching over the mother who had been shot,” Major Tina Daniel with the Clayton County Police Department said.


That’s when investigators said the grandmother grabbed the boy and ran out of the house.

“At that time the grandmother was shot twice in the rear. The 4-year-old was shot from behind as well,” Daniel said.

Police say the grandmother ran to a neighbor’s home.

Steve Young showed Jones a bullet hole in his door and blood where the grandmother tried to get inside, but he wasn’t there.

“Then she was trying this window was open and then the screen, she tried to move the screen and tried to get inside when she saw the door was locked,” Young said.

Officers said Jordan and the woman who was killed knew each other.

“At one time it appears there was a relationship,” Daniel said.

Jordan is also accused of shooting a woman inside a waffle house and stealing a car.

Police say they managed to locate him in Stockbridge Thursday morning and arrest him.

Jones asked Daniel how police found him.

“Good old-fashioned police work,” she said.

Police say they recovered the gun used in the shooting. They say Jordan was released from prison sometime this year.

The grandmother and the boy suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

We are still working to find out the condition of the woman who was shot in the head at the Waffle House.