Clayton County

Biker who tried to get away from GSP identified after he posted video of chase to TikTok, YouTube

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The Clayton County Police Department has issued arrest warrants for a Riverdale motorcyclist after officers said he eluded police during a chase and then posted his exploits on social media.

The Georgia State Patrol had begun chasing the biker through Clayton and Henry counties, but said the driver was able to get away after they lost contact with him.

After hearing about the case, Lt. Reimers with the Clayton County Police Department began searching social media and eventually found video recorded by the suspect of the chase on TikTok and YouTube.

The video shows the driver weaving in and out of traffic, driving along the shoulders of the road, as well as driving in between vehicles and speeding along the interstate.


Using investigative software, Reimers was able to identify the make and model of the motorcycle, which turned out to be a relatively rare sports bike. From there, Reimers tracked down the owner of the motorcycle using his registration.

On Dec. 14, GSP met with Reimers and then went to the driver’s Riverdale home to conduct a “knock and talk.”

While at the home, they spoke with the driver, saw the motorcycle and the driver eventually admitted to fleeing from GSP.

Clayton County police said they issued 12 arrest warrants against the driver, who has not been identified. It’s unclear exactly what charges he faces.

“Without the diligent efforts of Lieutenant Reimers to go above and beyond the call of duty, it is highly likely that the offender would not have been identified and he could have continued to endanger the citizens of Clayton County,” police said in a Facebook post.