Clayton County officer in serious condition following wreck on his way to work

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The fiancé of an officer seriously injured on the way to work said his condition is touch and go for the next day or so.

Officer Josh Baggett remains in the intensive care unit at Grady Hospital.

Baggett’s fiancé Leila Simpson told Channel 2′s Tom Jones that the Clayton County officer had a scare on Tuesday but eventually pulled through

“They say the next 24 hours are going to be touch and go,” Simpson said.

She said her fiancé is fighting to survive.

“He keeps on fighting every bad turn that he has ever taken,” Simpson said.

Baggett was on the way to work last Thursday on Highway 85 in Coweta County when his truck collided with another car.

The collision left him trapped inside with serious injuries. He suffered several fractures and broke his neck.


“The way he broke it kind of stripped his spinal cord,” Simpson said.

Simpson was on the phone with Baggett at the time. She said he was not holding his phone.

Simpson remembers hearing officers arriving at the scene.

“So I heard someone say, ‘Hey. This guy’s an officer. This guy’s a cop too,’” Simpson said.

Now Baggett is in the hospital. Simpson said Baggett loves being a cop.

“Catching bad guys is his favorite thing to do,” she said.

They are planning to get married in March.

Simpson sent Jones a video of Baggett right before he proposed last May.

“I’m on the way to your house to ask your dad,” Baggett said in the video.

Simpson believes her fiancé will get through this, and she is not canceling the wedding.

“We may have to have it at Grady, but we’re not canceling it,” she told Jones.

The Clayton County Police Department stated it will support Baggett and his family each step of the way. Simpson said the outpouring of love and support has been amazing.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with Baggett’s medical bills.