• Class action lawsuit filed against Honda over lock malfunctions

    By: Jim Strickland


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A class action lawsuit filed in a New Jersey federal court accuses Honda Motor Corporation of fraud and deceit in relation to the sale of 2007 to 2011 CR-V crossovers.

    Channel 2 Action News has heard from several owners whose door locks malfunction. The suit claims Honda knew of the problem and failed to warn drivers.

    A Henry County woman emailed consumer investigator Jim Strickland after it happened to her.

    Amanda Morrison says she wanted to warm up her 2007 Honda CR-V before leaving home with her son. She was about to climb in with her son.

    "And then I closed the door so I could go get him, and after I came back out the spare key wouldn't unlock it," she recalled.

    No tow service would bring the car to her Honda dealer because it was still running. A locksmith took two hours and charged $175.

    Morrison showed Strickland how pushing the unlock button results in an instant relock. It happened time and again as Strickland's photographer took video.

    "It's very frustrating. It's a safety issue too. If we get locked in the car and there's a fire or what, we can't get out in time," Morrison said.

    Tamica Gibbs showed Strickland a different problem. Her driver's side door unlocks as soon as it's locked. Gibbs cannot secure her car.

    "What do you think Honda ought to do about it?" Strickland asked Gibbs. "Fix it. I would like and need for them to fix it."

    "They knew it was a safety issue, they had problems is prior models of the CR-V. We're alleging both consumer fraud and breach of warranty claims as well," said attorney Matt Schelkopf, who filed the class action.

    Honda refused to comment on the suit. Strickland gave them contact information for the owners he spoke with.

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    Class action lawsuit filed against Honda over lock malfunctions

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