Clarke County

The iconic Iron Horse is getting spruced up. You man want to hoof it to see it before it goes

GREENE COUNTY, Ga. — It’s a landmark synonymous with the University of Georgia, and this summer, the iconic Iron House sculpture is going to be getting a bit of a refresher.

UGA said that the statue that sits along Highway 15 in Greene County will be temporarily removed to undergo a restoration.

“Amy Abbe, a local conservator, will assess the 12-foot, 2-ton sculpture, restore any imperfections, and reinforce the steel structure,” the University said.


“Visiting the Iron Horse has become a great student tradition at the University of Georgia, and we are excited that this restoration project will allow students to enjoy this sculpture for many years to come,” UGA Dean of Students Eric Atkinson said.

The Iron House was originally created in 1954 by a visiting artist-in-residence named Abbott Pattison, and it is made up of welded pieces of boilerplate steel.

UGA said that the sculpture will be removed shortly after this year’s graduation ceremonies and should be back in place by late summer.


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