Chinese restaurant scores 55 after mold found in ice machine

HAMPTON, Ga. — The manager of a Henry County Chinese restaurant said it is doing better sanitizing after failing an inspection.

One problem inspectors found was that employees preparing food at the Hong Kong Star were not wearing hair restraints. The manager of the restaurant in Hampton said, despite failing the inspection, the restaurant is a safe place to eat.

The restaurant opened nine years ago. It got a failing inspection score of 55 on Nov. 6.

Some violations included: employees using bare hands to roll egg rolls with fresh shredded vegetables; an ice machine interior with mold; and numerous white powders not labeled in the kitchen.

"We forgot to label salt, pepper even though we already know where it is," said manager Annie Li.

Li said she is making sure employees understand the current health department requirements.

"Definitely providing knowledge of what we should be doing and more understanding of what's going on," Li said.

Hong Kong Star failed its inspection in May 2012 with a 60. It was inspected a few days later and got an 82.

"Same sort of issue -- washing out labels because we're all working in the same spot and so we know -- sweet and sour chicken, but as far as the health department, they want to know you have to write down -- that's the sweet and sour chicken," Li said.

Li said the restaurant has addressed the problems and she wants to assure customers the restaurant is safe.

"To my customers, definitely we are a clean place. We'll provide definitely better cleaning," Li said.

Li said when she eats out, she wants a safe, clean place and wants to offer the same to her customers at Hong Kong Star. It will be re-inspected this month.