Child dies in car, father's story not adding up to investigators

COBB COUNTY, Ga — The lawyer of the Marietta man accused of letting his son die in a hot car, will try to get his client out on bond.

Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt reported in Cobb County where he said the father continually insists that he accidentally left his son in the car.

Search warrants released over the weekend indicate Ross Harris insists he forgot about 22-month-old Cooper strapped in his car seat.

Police have charged Harris with murder and child cruelty -- charges that indicate at the very least he was criminally negligent in his actions before young Cooper Harris' death.

However, both Harris and his son stopped at a Chick-fil-A on Cumberland Parkway. Police said Harris was seen putting his son back in the car seat.

Cavitt wanted to see how long it would take to drive from the Chick-fil-A to Harris’ office, just shy of a half mile down the road.

Cavitt made several trips and timed each one from the parking lot of the Chick-fil-A to the Home Depot satellite office. Cavitt’s trip varied in times from two minutes and 53 seconds, to three minutes and 45 seconds.

One thing Cavitt noticed was that the left turn that would have taken Harris to the day care was only one minute and 20 seconds out of the parking lot.

The day care is also a half a mile from the restaurant, but in a different direction. That’s just one factor.

Harris’ Internet searches for cases of children dying in hot cars also raised red flags for investigators and those following the case.

More details are likely to come out this week, especially Thursday when Harris is due in court. That’s the first time his lawyer will have a chance to question the detective in the case on exactly what police know.

The family buried the toddler in Alabama Saturday. Harris reportedly called the ceremony from theCobb County Jail in Marietta, Georgia, where he is being held.

Harris was emotional and thanked people for their support. It was reported that Cooper's mother, Leanna Harris, said she is not angry and called Harris a great father.