• Controversial charter school amendment approved


    Georgia voters approved the controversial charter school amendment on Election Day.

    Approval of the amendment creates a commission selected by the governor and other education leaders that will decide where and when to place charter schools across the state.

    With 93 percent of precincts reporting, 58 percent of voters were in favor of the amendment versus 42 percent of voters against it.

    Those in favor believe it gives families more educational opportunities, but opponents don’t want the governor overriding local communities.

    Beret Brantley, spokesman for Families for Better Public Schools, said the state needs more innovation and unique public opportunities for children.

    "Our campaign has been completely focused on what's best for our kids, how we can get them to contribute to society whether than the drop out rate that we've got currently," he said.

    Opponents such as Georgia State Sen. Vincent Fort said charter schools only divert money that is already set aside for public education, but it gives too much power to the state's governor.

    "People vote for local school boards because they want them to have the authority to determine the budgets and all of that, including whether or not to create a public school,” Fort said.

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    Controversial charter school amendment approved