• Officials want metal detectors used throughout the day at APS

    By: Ryan Young


    ATLANTA - For months, Channel 2 has followed school security concerns.

    We have learned and have reported before that guns and knives have made it past security at Atlanta high schools.

    The latest incident was just detailed in court last Friday.

    Charles Price III, 14, faced a judge for the first time when he was charged as an adult for killing his grandmother.

    An Atlanta police detective detailed how an officer confronted the teen in the school and how the teen pulled out a knife and set it on the ground.

    Therrell High School didn't have anyone manning their metal detectors at the time Price walked through the school.

    That's because, as we've documented, each school stops manning its doors after the bell rings for class.

    Sources tell Channel 2's Ryan Young that the Atlanta Police department has strongly suggested to Atlanta Public Schools that they change their current policy and have each school door always monitored.

    A representative of Atlanta public schools tells Channel 2 in a statement that all school security policies are consistently being evaluated, but off camera teachers wonder if it will be too late.

    Before the changes are made, a security expert tells us schools should man doors closely to maintain a high level of security.

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