Carroll County

Mom fights for policy change after son expelled for having beer in car

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — A Carroll County mother is hoping her son's expulsion from school will be overturned, even though school officials found beer in his car.

Peggy Robinson said her 18-year-old son never had any issues at Bowdon High School prior to the incident on March 22.

Carroll County school officials found five unopened beer cans in his car during a parking lot drug sweep.

Robison said they were leftover from a party.

"He owned his mistake. That's what I always taught my children, admit mistakes," she said.


She believes an expulsion is too extreme for a nonviolent first offense.

"It's like kicking them to the curb and knocking the wind out of their sails," Robinson said. "(They should) have a tiered policy dealing with different things, weapons, drugs, alcohol. I think all of those things should be taken into consideration."

Channel 2's Matt Johnson reviewed the school district's code of conduct, which classifies alcohol possession as a level-three offense, along with sex offense and homicide. It says all level-three offenses are grounds for suspension or expulsion.

Robinson appealed the expulsion, which led school board members to direct the superintendent to review the code of conduct at a meeting on Thursday.

"I feel that there are some punishments that need to be maybe tiered and not just one size punishment fits all," school board member Bart Carter said.


Johnson looked into the code of conduct policies in other school districts.

In Douglas County, the policy on alcohol is nearly identical. For Cobb County, a first offense for alcohol possession carries a maximum 10-day suspension, the same for Atlanta Public Schools.

Robinson said her son has since enrolled at an alternative school for the rest of the school year.

Carter said the policy review should take place within the next couple of months.