Barrow County

Controversial flier links high-ranking state leader to terrorists

BARROW COUNTY, Ga. — A controversial flier is making its way around one metro county and it has authorities on alert as a potential threat.

The flier claims state Rep. Terry England likes Islamic terrorists and urges residents to tell what they think of the high-ranking state leader.

While authorities are worried this could put the leader in danger, its creator disagrees. %



Joe Newton and Lionel Hughes went through a Barrow County neighborhood, putting fliers one-by-one on each mailbox.

The papers blast England and programs that bring refugees into the state.

“Somebody has got to stop, to make some effort to stop terrorism in this country,” Newton said.

In bold type, the flier states England likes Islamic terrorists and claims he reneged on his own personal farm loan financed by the state.

It also lists England’s home address, encouraging readers to "go see him and tell him what you think of him.”

That caught the attention of Barrow County authorities who are worried about a possible threat.

England said in a phone interview that he's concerned about the perceived threat.

"I do have a problem when they put a (bold-faced) lie on what they are putting out," England said, adding that his loan "was paid off 169 months ahead of (the) payoff date."

Alton says authorities visited him at his house earlier this month, warning him of arrest if he didn't take the addresses off his flier.

He's refused and continues with the effort.

“This is Soviet -style tactics that they are using,” Newton said.

Barrow County authorities say they will pass their reports on to the U.S. Postal Service, which may want to talk to Newton about posting fliers on mail boxes.
Otherwise, no local laws have been violated.