Barrow County

Canadian comic book author charged with child cruelty following incident at wedding

BARROW COUNTY, Ga. — A popular comic book author from Canada who came to metro Atlanta for a wedding, ended up in handcuffs accused of felony child cruelty after police say he inappropriately touched a child.

Body Ngoy, 52, went before a judge Monday over something his attorney called one big mistake.

Attorney Jackie Patterson said Ngoy attended a wedding at the Chateau Elan resort in Barrow County early Saturday, when he said his client noticed a person he thought was a man who appeared to be passed out on a bench.

He said Ngoy reached down to check on him.

“When my client leaned over to say, ‘Are you OK, it startled the person,’” Patterson told the judge. “That person then abruptly raised up and their lips accidentally touched.”


Braselton police said it was no accident. They say the person Ngoy locked lips with was a child, and was Ngoy subsequently arrested.

He now faces serious charges.

“This was not an intentional touching,” Patterson said.

He told the judge Ngoy has never been in trouble and is a pillar of the community in Canada.

“He’s a prolific writer of comic books as it relates to building up the African American community,” Patterson said. “That’s why we’re asking the court to grant him a bond of $5,000.”

The judge granted Ngoy that bond. She ordered him to stay away from the victim and stay away from Chateau Elan.

Patterson assured the judge Ngoy would return for any future court proceedings.