Bail businesses speak on the process of bonding high-profile defendants out of Fulton County Jail

ATLANTA — Two of the bail bond companies that have bailed defendants out of Fulton County jail in the election interference case gave insight into the process.

The operations manager of A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds, Jesse Fellabaum, said he could not confirm which defendants his team has bonded out this week. However, NewsChopper 2 captured Rudy Giuliani leaving the company’s parking lot Wednesday afternoon.

Processing in and out of the jail took Giuliani less than an hour.

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“We’re going to get you through as quickly as possible, leveraging those relationships that we’ve built,” said Fellabaum, talking about relationships in the Fulton County court system.

Free at Last Bail Bonds Operations Manager Gara Dallam confirmed his team has also been involved in bailing out some of the high-profile defendants of this case.

Dallam said paying your own bail can take longer involving pre-trial services. He said a local bond company can be more efficient.

“Once the bond is posted at the jail, we can sign that bond, they are processed in mug shots, and fingerprints. Then, subsequently, they’re processed out,” said Dallam.

Both teams said they began planning this before the indictment.

“Although no one really knew for a fact what was coming, we had an idea,” said Fellabaum. “So, these attorneys were reaching out in advance to try to discuss what that would look like, if we’d be willing to do it, percentages, things like that.”


Channel 2’s Courtney Francisco asked the companies if the defendants in this case are getting special treatment compared to their other, local clients.

“As we all know, this is a very unique situation we’re dealing with here. So, there are some exceptions, without going outside the boundaries of the judicial confound,” said Dallam.

“The safety and security of all parties involved is paramount here,” said Fellabaum. “It does nobody any good to hold anybody of high profile nature in custody longer than they have to. So, in order to get back to business and get this chaos behind us, I think, it’s best that we get things moving quickly.”

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