Woman who recorded video of protester slammed to the ground says it was excessive force

ATLANTA — The woman who recorded video of a protester slammed to the ground by an officer says in her opinion, the officer used excessive force.

Amber Jackson said she suffered a broken shoulder in the incident, which happened near Lenox Square last Friday during ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones was at the mall, where police said Jackson resisted arrest. Officer C. Swanger is on desk duty while an investigation has started.

Jackson's supporters think he should be fired and arrested.

"I'm disgusted," witness Heather Upham said. "I mean, this is exactly why we are out here to begin with."

Upham shot the video, which shows the Atlanta police officer slamming Jackson, 34, on the ground on May 29.

Police said Jackson moved a barricade and they thought she was looting. The officer's body camera shows what happened next.

"Get out of the car," the officer says in the video.

Officers said Jackson refused to get out of the car an then resisted arrest. Swanger said he used a hip toss maneuver to get her to the ground.

Jones asked Upham if she saw Jackson resist arrest. Upham said no, and that the amount of force that Swanger used was unnecessary.

Jackson's attorney agrees.

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"We're going to fight and call for this officer to be terminated and arrested," Mawuli Davis said.

Davis said Jackson and her boyfriend were not looting and were trying to leave.

Jackson talked to Jones last week, and said she’s never been arrested.

“I moved the barricade from the entrance, the front entrance, and I go back in my car,” Jackson said.

She told Jones that’s when the officer pounced on her.

Her fiancé is the grandson of civil rights activist Hosea Williams. He said they had been peacefully protesting.

Community activist Derrick Boazman said the punishment didn't fit the alleged crime.

"We have to ask well what is Chief Shields doing," Boazman said. "Why hasn't this guy been terminated?"

Upham said she was at Lenox Square to protest police brutality.

"To see that happening again for the same reasons we're out here right now, it's unimaginable." Upham said.

Police said they offered to call an ambulance for Jackson that night, but she declined.

Jackson talked to Jones last week and she told him that she’s in a lot of pain.