Man jumps out of woman's trunk as she's driving, steals car

ATLANTA — A woman said she was terrified when a man jumped out of her trunk and stole her car.

Nadine, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, said something was off when she and her daughter left their Decatur home Monday morning.

“The car felt different. It smelled. I said to her if I didn’t know better I would have thought someone drove my car,” she said.

Nadine went ahead, stopped for gas and then dropped her daughter off at school before continuing to work.

She said she ran into traffic on Estoria Street near the Krog Tunnel and that’s when she got a scary surprise.

“I was inching forward then all of a sudden somebody popped out. Somebody popped out of the back of my trunk (and said) ‘Get out of the car.’ I panicked. I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

With the car still running, Nadine said she fell out of the car.


“I said, ‘Somebody help. Somebody is hijacking my car,’” she said.

Lyft driver Keysha Richardson said she was nearby, saw what happened and pulled over.

“I am telling her, ‘Hey. Just jump in my car and I am going to help you just get in the car,” she said.

Richardson said they took off after the carjacker.

“We are chasing this guy. We’re calling 911,” Nadine said.

“It was so intense because she was very hysterical,” Richardson said.

The suspect got away in Nadine’s car.

She said she is terrified about what happened, but grateful that she wasn’t hurt.

“I walk away with my life. A lot of people don’t walk away with their life,” she said.

Investigators said they are trying to track down the suspect and the stolen car.