Tyler Perry says his latest movie was 3 decades in the making

Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry is at it again — writing, directing and producing a new movie from his $500 million Atlanta studio in the heart of southwest Atlanta.

Channel 2′s Karyn Greer caught up with the media mogul and philanthropist on the red carpet to talk about his latest project for Netflix: “A Jazzman’s Blues.”

Perry said he has been wanting to create the movie for nearly three decades.

He told Greer that it was his meeting with Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson that inspired him to dig deep and create his first screenplay dating back to 1995.

“Meeting August Wilson, talking to him, telling me to write what’s in my heart. I went home and started writing and came up with this,” Perry said.


It’s the story of forbidden love, secrets and lies that unfolds from his sweeping Atlanta studios at Fort McPherson and Savannah.

Many still wonder why he spent nearly $250 million to build his new studios in the heart of Atlanta.

“What do you mean, why Atlanta? I came here years ago, early ‘90s, I saw Black people doing well. This was a promised land for me, and being the home for Dr. King and John Lewis and Andy Young, and all these amazing people who paved the way, it was really awesome,” Perry said.

Amirah Vann is one of the stars of the movie and calls Atlanta home.

“Atlanta is home. I feel like I’ve filmed here a couple of times, so it’s always wonderful to be here and it just gives a nice landscape and to actually see where we filmed, at his studio, and see so many people of color working, so many young people working, that’s very inspiring and exciting,” Vann said.

The film is already on Netflix and will be released in select theaters on Friday as well.