Two young teens sought in murder of beloved community figure

ATLANTA — An Atlanta community is grappling with the death of a beloved figure and the allegations that his killers are two young teens.

Anthony Brooks was shot Thursday outside a gas station on 4511 Campbellton Road SW in Ben Hill.

Atlanta police said two teens, Isaac McDaniel, 15, and Charlie McDaniel, 16, fought with the 50-year-old when he was shot. %



The two teens got away in what police said was a stolen car.

Channel 2’s Nicole Carr talked to dozens of people who said the teen brothers are responsible for carjacking neighbors and they said when their beloved neighbor spoke out about it, the confrontation led to his murder.

"Innocent lives being lost. When does it stop?" said neighbor Joseph Sims.


Brooks stopped in the Pro Touch Barber Shop Thursday night asking for work.

"We didn't have anything for him at the time because we were pretty busy,” said neighbor Stephen Bunkley.

But his close-knit neighbors wouldn't let him go without something. One of the barbers offered to pay Brooks to pump his gas across the street. When they said their goodbyes at the Shell station, it would be their last time speaking.

“Twenty minutes later, I get a call saying he's been shot,” Sims said.

There is now a growing memorial paying tribute to Brooks.

"All I can say is he's my heart,” said friend Constance Brinson.

"[He was] loved by just about everybody in his community,” said neighbor Stephen Bunkley.

Witnesses said Brook confronted the teens over recent carjackings.

"He actually saw the guys that we know that are currently terrorizing the neighborhood,” Bunkley said. "The gun fell. And the kid picked up the gun and opened fire on Anthony."

Neighbors vow not to remain silent about the boys they call "outsiders."

"You will be pointed out and weeded out. We won't have it. Not in Ben Hill. We won't have it,” Bunkley said.