The 2nd most dangerous roadway in the US runs through the heart of metro Atlanta, agency says

ATLANTA — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says a metro interstate is the second most dangerous highway in the United States.

Many people who drive Interstate 20 said they weren’t surprised by the new report.

In fact, some people told Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston they try to avoid it.

“How long as it been since you drove i-20?” Huddleston asked a woman who only identified herself as Ms. Jackson.

“I don’t remember,” Jackson said.

She said she never gets on I-20 because it’s too dangerous.

“I put some extra gas in my car and take the inner city, I don’t go on the highway,” Jackson said.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report about car crashes in 2020. It said Georgia’s I-20 is the second most dangerous highway in the United States with15.5 fatalities per 100 miles.

“If we’re not driving proper, if we’re not demonstrating the proper driving behavior, it could be a recipe for disaster,” said Garrett Townsend with AAA.

Townsend said drivers must focus on the road and not the cell phone, the radio or that French fry they dropped.

“Any adjustments that need to be done, do that before hand. Not when you’re on the road heading to your destination,” Townsend said.

He said drivers also must get back to what we learned in driver’s education -- driving defensively.

“Defensive driving is critical because you have to expect things ae going to happen and you have to anticipate it and put measures in place so you can be safe and those in your vehicle can be safe as well,” Townsend said.

Interstate 75 also made the list of dangerous interstates in the report. It was the fourth most dangerous in the U.S.

Interstate 95 was ranked No. 1.


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