Report: Watershed employee so drunk, he couldn't stand

ATLANTA — Atlanta Watershed is investigating one of its managers after police said he arrived at work so drunk he couldn’t even stand up.

“These are very serious allegations that we are investigating to the fullest,” Watershed spokeswoman Lillian Govus told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston.

A police report from Feb. 17 said around 10 p.m., Watershed worker Johnny Brown went to work severely intoxicated and ended up passing out before he could get out of his car.

When police arrived, the report said, officers used a baton to rouse him.


"There was a heavy smell of alcohol and he couldn't stand on his own"
when he got out of his car, the report said.

According to the report, Brown got a commercial DUI in 2015. It’s unknown if it was an Atlanta Watershed vehicle.

“We take very extensive measure to ensure that our employees are safe in the workplace and out on the roads. And we want our rate payers and the Atlanta community to know that,” Govus said.

Brown remains in the Atlanta City Jail.