• Recycling truck crashes into parked car, then drives away ... and it was all caught on video

    By: Matt Johnson


    ATLANTA - Neighbors in an Atlanta neighborhood are used to cars speeding through their area, but they're not used to big trucks leaving behind damage.

    A recycling truck caused a hit-and-run crash on Stovall Street, and now the city is investigating whether the truck is one of its own.

    Video shows the driver, who appears to be speeding, slowing down to try and squeeze between two parked cars, hitting one and leaving the scene July 4.

    A closer look at the video shows "City of Atlanta" written on the side of the truck, along with what appears to be the city seal on a door.

    Timothy McCalep is an attorney who is not associated with the case.

    "Somebody is definitely liable, absolutely," McCalep said. "It may have been just sold and the new owner caused this accident, or it could be a rogue employee." 

    He said the city will likely look at whether it has sold or auctioned any recycling trucks recently.


    What's even more bizarre is that the crash happened around 10:45 a.m. on a holiday when trash services are suspended.

    The owner of the damaged car told Channel 2 Action News he's in the process of filing a claim against the city but hasn't heard much about the investigation.

    A spokesperson said data from GPS trackers on vehicles shows that no city recycling trucks were on Stovall Street on July 3 or 4.

    In the meantime, neighbors said if their street is going to be used as a cut through, truck drivers need signs to remind them people live there.

    "They don't even slow down when they see kids play, so even a sign or something, just to help our safety," neighbor Aynsley Younker said.

    The owner of the damaged car did not wish to be interviewed. A police report was filed, and a city spokesperson said police are investigating, as well.

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