Protesters march to state Capitol to bring light to racial inequality

Friday night brought more protests in the streets of Atlanta calling for an end to racial injustice.

A crowd gather outside CNN Center in downtown Atlanta and then marched to the Georgia State Capitol.

The group that organized the protest, the Black Revolutionaries, said their message is about unity, knowledge, uplifting the community and taking a stand against injustice.

Egypt Tillman said his group formed after the shooting death of Brunswick resident Ahmaud Arbery in February.

“My people are suffering,” Tillman said, holding on to his gun. “We’re not here to promote violence. Nonviolent doesn’t mean defenseless, though. That’s the big thing we want, to protect our people. These aren’t toys. I’m not out here for a game. My life is on the line every time I’m here I’m in danger standing up for what I believe in.”


Tillman told Channel 2′s Christian Jennings that he is a Navy veteran and was marching to protect others and fight against injustices across the country.

“I want to make sure no one ever dies for protesting,” Tillman said.

Jennings also caught up with activist Gerald Griggs once the group made its way to the Capitol. There they were met with a heavy police presence.

“There’s no need for the state patrol and the National Guard and Department of Natural Resources for peaceful protesters,” Grigg said.

Tillman said his mission is to protect protesters and prevent an incident similar to what occurred Wednesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A teenager opened fire on demonstrators, killing two and injuring a third.